Permanent Placement

When companies are looking for talents to be part of the intern staff, permanent placement is the solution.

for your needs

potential of recent graduates with the latest knowledge in their field of Informatics and Information Technologies

A great way to hire people with very specific specialties when companies don’t have much experience or knowledge about some kinds of profiles. This way they get outstanding talent in a much reduced time.

Identify expectations and contact us.

test architect

Test Analyst, Embedded System Tester, Penetration Tester, Ethical Hacker, Software Tester

software developer

Web Developer, Mobile Developer, Game Developer, Front-End Developer

data scientist

Data Analyst, Data Security Analyst, Data Engineer, Information Systems Architect

network architect

Network Manager, Network Administrator, Network Analyst, Network Security Engineer

it security specialist

Information System Security Auditor, Information Security Manager

ux specialist

Front End Designer and Interaction Designer

enterprise architect

Information Architect, Software Architect, Solutions Architect

visual data expert

Computer Vision Engineer, Augmented Reality Engineer

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for your business

If you plan to be sure you hire the right people, nothing better than relying on the structure and expertise of a qualified sourcer.


APPROX.per graduate

Long-term work with students and preparation of graduates for the labor market and the real needs of companies.

lower cost of staffing

deployment of a graduate according to your needs

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APPROX.per employee

inhouse talent database according to your requirements. You can Hire or Outsource digital professionals for Temporary or Permanent projects.

lower cost of recruitment

deployment of a specialist according to your needs